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We represent the Dutch rail freight sector. We advise about the Rail Freight Table from the communication cluster of the Rail Freight Transport Measures Package and are committed to putting Dutch rail freight transport on the map. With the Rail Freight, The Future is Ours initiative, we will be united. Together we will work to realize our mission which will contribute to a more sustainable world.



Of all the various modes of freight transport, Rail is the greenest form. Moreover, rail freight transport contributes to opening up Dutch ports to the rest of the European countryside. The modality is a solution for the increasing congestion on the road and driver shortages.

Supported by the worldwide need for sustainability, the Dutch rail freight sector has big ambitions: we want to transport 50% more goods by rail within 10 years. This is a complex task, and the Dutch rail freight sector is happy to take up the challenge.

About this initiative

This initiative unites the Dutch rail freight sector’s stakeholders. We communicate our forward-looking message with one voice and from one sender. We share current news and relevant information from and for the sector on this platform and with events. We’ll make our plans known and be transparent about our progress, the challenges we encounter along the way, and the solutions we come up with.

We’re looking to connect with anyone who can help us achieve our goals. We cordially invite all sector members to contribute to this campaign by becoming ambassadors. Are you also joining in? The future is ours!

What do we want to achieve with this initiative?

This initiative focuses on three objectives, each with its own specific target group:

Sector members

Strengthening the relationship with the members of Dutch rail freight transport. We will work together to achieve our goals.

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Logistics service providers and shippers

Strengthen the relationship with logistics service providers and shippers in and outside the Netherlands. We’ll keep you updated about the developments and the possibilities of rail freight transport in the Netherlands.

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Political administrators

Increasing social support among the neighbourhoods and local residents and local and national political administrators. Community support for rail freight transport is indispensable.

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We thank these organisations for their active participation and support to start this initiative. Would you, as an organisation, also like to support this initiative? Then become an ambassador and register below.

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Yearly report 2020

With a decrease of five per cent, the decline in rail freight transport in 2020 was limited by the corona crisis. The level of rail freight transport remained stable, in particular thanks to a strong recurrence and even an increase in container transport. In a number of transport segments, the decline has been severe. They have not yet fully recovered.

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Would you like to become an ambassador or are you interested, but first you want to know more about how you can support the campaign and why it is good for your organisation? Sign up below and we'll tell you all about it!

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Do you have questions about the initiative Rail Freight, The Future is Ours? Would you like to become an ambassador? Or are you considering transporting goods by rail? Then please contact us. Leave a message with your details and we will contact you within 2 working days.