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7 December 2021 in Political Directors

Intermodal transportation is interesting for larger volumes

Transporting volumes via a combination of modalities with the railways as the pivot: there is still much to be gained.…
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1 December 2021 in Political Directors

The first freight train runs over Hoekse Lijn metro tracks

A unique event: yesterday, the first freight train ran over the Hoekse Lijn metro line. The freight trains that will…
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23 November 2021 in Political Directors

Optimizing water and foam jets for emergency routes

For the five railway yards in the Port of Rotterdam, ProRail makes clever use of a computer model to determine…
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12 November 2021 in Logistics service providers and shippers, Political Directors

Theemswegtracé: The end of a bottleneck

For years, the Caland Bridge has been a severe bottleneck for rail freight in and out of the Port of…
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11 November 2021 in Logistics service providers and shippers, Political Directors

On the green track part 3: Ricoh

More transport by rail is a must. Otherwise, we will not achieve our climate targets. Yet some companies seem reluctant…
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Our mission

We aim to move 50% more goods via the Dutch railways within the next 10 years to achieve the European sustainability targets. This is a complex task, and the Dutch rail freight sector is happy to take up the challenge.

This initiative will unite us, and the Dutch rail freight sector will speak with 1 voice and from 1 party about how we will realize our ambitions. We will do this transparently and with a focus on the future. Because the future is ours! Are you also joining in?

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