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(Utrecht, 25.07.2023) Deutsche Bahn (DB) has set an ambitious goal to become climate-neutral by 2040. As part of the DB group, DB Cargo Netherlands is actively involved in achieving environmental objectives. DB Cargo Netherlands is the first rail transport company in the Netherlands to use the environmentally friendly biofuel HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils) in one of its diesel locomotives. Compared to conventional diesel, the biofuel reduces CO2e emissions by approximately 90% over its entire lifecycle. In a six-month trial, the regenerative fuel is currently being tested under real operational conditions on the rail lines to Eemshaven, Delfzijl, and Veendam. The trial aims to ensure that engine performance remains unaffected and to confirm the positive effects of HVO as an alternative to conventional fossil diesel.

State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management) stated, “I think it’s very commendable that DB Cargo is exploring cleaner alternatives for the old diesel locomotives. Electric trains are not feasible everywhere for operation or shunting, and it’s important that transport companies investigate the alternative options to fossil fuels that are already available, in the transition to emission-free solutions. Innovations developed by the market are often practical and thus offer great opportunities for sustainability. I’m very curious about the trial’s results.”

Rail transport is already one of the most environmentally friendly forms of freight transport, causing 80 – 100% less CO₂ emissions compared to road transport. Additionally, one freight train can replace up to 52 trucks, thereby alleviating strain on road infrastructure. Whenever possible, DB Cargo Netherlands employs electric locomotives powered by renewable energy sources like wind energy. However, diesel engines are still necessary at terminals, ports, and customer sites. In these areas, HVO promises to serve as a fossil-free, high-quality bridging technology until alternative propulsion technologies become available.

About HVO in Rail Freight:

HVO stands for “Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil” and is one of the most sustainable biofuels available. Due to its similar properties, HVO can be blended with fossil diesel fuel or used as a pure biofuel. HVO is produced from used vegetable oils and residual waste like animal fats. This renders HVO a completely renewable, fossil-free, and low-emission alternative to traditional diesel. In addition to the aforementioned CO2 reduction, HVO also offers other positive side effects such as the reduction of highly harmful nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons during the combustion process.

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