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Our partner, Voith, introduces an innovative solution for digital automatic coupling called CargoFlex. Through this digital automatic coupling, freight cars, air lines, data and power lines are automatically connected and disconnected. This forms the basis for shifting freight transportation to rail. It also significantly contributes to reducing CO2 emissions and achieving the goals of the European Green Deal.

Greener freight transport developed

To provide attractive and competitive rail freight services, reliable and timely delivery is essential. Voith’s digital automatic coupling system, CargoFlex, provides a solid foundation for this.

CargoFlex accelerates rail freight transport to the maximum. Voith combines proven mechanical systems with digital intelligence to offer a complete and compatible system. We are also your reliable partner throughout the entire lifecycle, including installation.

Theory is no match for practice.

As a system partner for DAC migration, Voith offers mechanical systems, service, and digital add-ons from one source. Their reliable couplings have been proven in commercial operations. In addition, they have extensive knowledge of freight cars and years of experience as a locomotive system integrator. They are pioneers in automation and digital functions.

To achieve a significant shift from road transportation to rail transportation, freight trains need to be more efficient and competitive. There is a greater need for faster and punctual transportation of goods. Voith’s digital automatic coupling system, CargoFlex, forms the basis for this. It ensures that freight trains can start their journey quickly and reach their destination on time.

Digital Revolution

The future of rail freight transportation is digital, intelligent, and connected. Only in this way can we optimize the available resources and enable freight carriers to survive in the competitive logistics market. Voith already offers significant efficiency improvements in train preparation with automatic brake tests, automatic load monitoring, and other digital solutions.

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